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Rattlesnake Aversion Training

Saturday July 27, 2019

Assigned Times between 9:00am and 4:30pm.

$80.00; must be paid before spot is confirmed.

Training location: K9 Ranch

1553 Meadowvale Road, Santa Ynez, CA

By introducing your dog to both juvenile and adult LIVE, SAFELY-MUZZLED rattlesnakes of the species found in your area, our trainers will use a remote training collar to provide a perfectly-timed low-level stimulation that your dog will associate with the rattlesnake. This will effectively enable your dog to detect the sights, sounds and smells of rattlesnakes and create the reflex for your dog to quickly move away and avoid them. Both your dog’s physical safety and also mental well-being are TOP priority; the trainers always start with the lowest stimulation level and will tailor each dog’s training session to meet their individual psychological needs. The snakes are all safely and humanely muzzled and equal consideration is put into their well-being also.

Any breed or size dog will benefit from this training. With our process, we have successfully trained dogs as large as Mastiffs and Great Danes, to as small as Teacup Maltese and Chihuahuas. We generally recommend dogs be at least 6 months old prior to training so that they are developmentally mature enough to make the correct associations. That being said, different breeds and even individuals mature at different rates so we will evaluate young dogs 5-8 months old on the day to make sure prior to training.

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