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Pack Walks

Join us every Saturday morning for our weekly pack walk!

These classes are a great way to socialize your dog and get them used to being around other dogs in a structured and controlled environment.

You will learn how to do our “Focused Walk” so your dog walks next to you, pays attention and doesn’t drag you down the street anymore. We will stop at various times along the way to practice our obedience skills around distractions so your dog listens to you better around other dogs and people! These walks take place at various locations in and around Santa Barbara.

For those of you that have not trained with us already, you are still welcome on the walks, but an initial evaluation will be required (by appointment only).

  • 1 hr Evaluation/lesson: $100.00 (includes 1st pack walk)
  • Individual Pack Walks: $25.00
  • Package of 10 Pack Walks: $225.00

*E-Collar Program

Whether training companion, working, or sport dog, we all want a happy and willing dog that responds quickly to commands at a distance and under distraction*. Our unique e-Collar training program will give you just that and more! With our program and the DOGTRA Training Collar, you can make perfectly timed corrections even at great distances.

In addition, the adjustable intensity feature allows you to match the stimulation of the training collar to your dog’s temperament and the distraction level of the moment for maximum training efficiency. The e-Collar can also effectively be used to correct and stop unwanted behavior such as digging, jumping up, leash reactivity, excessive barking/whining and some resource guarding and aggression issues (May require additional training).

*In order to qualify for admittance into the e-Collar program, you and your dog must have a solid foundation in Basic Obedience and know the 7 basic commands (Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Come, Place, Off, Quiet and Heel). If your dog requires additional training, that will be added to the cost and duration of the program. (Due to the customized nature of this program, pricing is quoted upon evaluation of your dog)

  • 1-2 Weeks of in-house conditioning/training and 4 private lessons
  • Dogtra Electronic Collar
  • Prong collar
  • Indoor leash
  • 20ft Long line
  • 2 months of unlimited Pack Walks
  • 1 Month of detailed daily exercises
  • Exclusive training manual
  • Training Support Guarantee for 1 Year

Walk Dr.

Is your dog walking you? If so, we have the perfect training program that is quick, simple and easy to implement. Within just a couple of lessons we’ll have you and your dog walking as a team. With you in the lead! We’ll work on teaching you and your dog together to learn how to walk on a loose leash, by your side. We’ll show you how to do our “Focused Walk” which burns both physical and mental energy, leading to a much calmer, well behaved dog.
This program includes:

  • 2 private 1.5hr lessons
  • 2 Pack walks
  • Training manual/li>
  • Training collar (Optional)

Cost: $425.00

*This program is not for dogs that are dog/human aggressive, or leash reactive towards other dogs. Additional training will be required.

Find the Right Dog (for you)

Which kind of dog are you looking for? You may have an image of your perfect dog in mind, but is your heart open to a canine Mr./Mrs. Right that you weren’t quite expecting?

The best thing about making a decision to get a dog is that there are so many amazing breeds to choose from! Our best furry friends come in all shapes, sizes and, of course, personalities.

While almost any dog can make a wonderful, lifelong companion for you and your family, some dogs will need more training, some will need more exercise and some will be happy to just sit on your lap staring into your eyes, trying to hypnotize you into giving them a treat.

All dogs deserve lifelong homes. If you’re looking for your perfect pal, we can help you with your search. After all, you’re choosing a pet that will likely be with you for 10 to 15 years—or even longer. There’s a dog out there who will love being part of your family! So, as you consider all the different choices, let us help in making that decision so you don’t worry about what you may not know.

Along with helping you choose the right dog, we will advise you in getting set up with all the right tools, equipment and training you will eventually need. Give us a call today to get started right!

1.5 hr Meeting and evaluation: $150.00

Remote Training

Go through traditional training sessions and evaluations, virtually!  Remote Training - Zoom sessions are available to replace in-person evaluations and training appointments.

Our trainers will use Zoom to take you through a scheduled Evaluation, or training session in the comfort of your own home. No matter where you are or how cramped your schedule is, you can talk with us one-on-one about the specific problems you’re experiencing with your dog. Get direct, guidance and a plan; as well as specific things to DO to help solve what’s going on.

In our time together, we will assess and address your situation, and coach you with proven strategies to work with and implement into your life with your dog.

1.5hr Zoom session: $150.00


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