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I have tried other trainers before and didn't get the results I desired. What makes your program and approach different and more effective?

We are often the last stop after clients have been through multiple trainers. Unlike other training approaches that only focus on developing rehearsed behaviors, bribing with treats, or merely managing/masking the problem, we practice a unique approach that fundamentally changes the dog’s state of mind. Once we address the dog’s state of mind, the sky’s the limit for what we can create. By cultivating new habits, teaching the dog to make better choices, training calmness instead of excitability, and employing our unique duration work, we are consistently successful with dogs that others are unable to help. This will be the last dog training you will ever need.

My dog is uncontrollable on the walk; pulling, lunging, barking and growling. Can you fix this?

We consistently get fantastic results with all levels of issues, from mild pulling and disobedience, to severe dog/leash reactivity. Check out our “Walk Doctor” program!

My dog is fearful and nervous. I shouldn't use an E-Collar with him, right?

Actually, modern E-Collar training is the best training for dogs with these types of issues. Our E-Collar training system is designed to create more confident, relaxed, and comfortable dogs.

What is a day in the life at K-9 Solutions Day Train look like?

The dogs sleep inside in our climate-controlled kennel, which is also our office. We only work with a small number of dogs to give every dog the attention they need, and maintain a relaxed environment. First thing in the morning, all dogs go out on a 45-min to 1-hour long structured walk, followed by treadmill work, and our unique socialization/play time with our balanced pack (client’s dogs will not be in danger of interacting with dangerous dogs). After this, dogs go through several hours of hands-on training, alternating between active commands, duration work, and specific behavior modification. They will also receive plenty of rest, down time, and personal one-on-one attention. You dog’s safety is our primary concern.

Why do you use E-Collars?

Modern E-Collar training is the most effective, most reliable, most humane, and transformational training available today.

How do you train with an E-Collar?

We use low-level, communication-style, modern E-Collar training, which looks nothing like the E-Collar training of the past.

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I used a different trainer before coming to K-Nine to Solutions, BIG mistake. I am so happy I decided to invest in our dog, Luna's happiness and future by using K-Nine Solutions. We have done 1v1 training with Eric and he has so much knowledge about our dog, she is a Malinois. Every one is really nice and knows so much about what it takes to be the best dog owners. K-Nine Solutions are balanced trainers, not "yank and crank", which is very important to me. I think we will be clients for life, I cannot say enough positive things about this place and the people who work here.
Corina Trevino