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Kennel Cough: A letter to our clients from Eric Smith, K-Nine founder

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Kennel Cough: A letter to our clients from Eric Smith, K-Nine founder

By K-Nine Solutions on May 27, 2019 in News
Eric Smith K-Nine Solutions Founder & Lead Trainer

Dear Friends,

Recently there has been an outbreak of "kennel cough" in some of the dogs staying at the Ranch. While not serious if caught early, it can be very contagious and take time to treat. Much like human Upper Respiratory Illnesses (URI), "kennel cough" is just a catch-all name for any URI a dog may acquire. In humans we tend to call this "bronchitis," but the causes and treatments are very similar.  Sometimes there are preventative vaccines (think flu shots, whooping cough vaccine, etc.), but other times the cause is viral or an environmental irritant - in those cases there's not much to do other than treat the symptoms.

What's interesting is that the incubation period is approximately 10 days, so some of the dogs that are staying at the ranch and have symptoms could easily have already been exposed to whatever it is that is causing their cough before they started boarding at the Ranch. There really isn't any clear way to tell, unless the dog has been staying here from before the time of the incubation period. So, if your dog is showing any symptoms, or if you know that your dog may have been exposed to another dog that is showing symptoms, please take them to your Veterinarian and get them treated. 

We here at K Nine Solutions do everything we can to prevent any problems that may occur when you get a large group of dogs together. 

  • We do not allow any dogs on the property that haven't been properly vaccinated. 
  • We screen for aggression and work with dogs that are highly stressed by this type of environment and we even go so far as to literally become surrogate parents to dogs that have been abandoned to our care by people that simply don't want them anymore. 
  • We thoroughly clean and disinfect all kennel spaces and feeding/water bowls after every use` per veterinary recommendations and disinfect the turf at the close of each day. 

But there are some things that are out of our control. When you put so many dogs together, sometimes things are just bound to happen. Dogs can still get sick, they can still fight with each other, and they get stressed. As the caretakers for your dogs, we do everything within our power to do what's right for the dog and for you, our clients. For those of you that have children, this may look/sound familiar. You vaccinate your kids you keep them home if they're sick and you take all precautions to keep them healthy. Then when they go to school and are mingling with everybody else's children, they come home with a cold, the stomach flu, or even dreaded head lice! It's out of your control, even though you have taken all these precautions to protect your kids. These things happen.

We believe that the best way to prevent problems is to educate you on what you can do to prevent them in the first place. As many of our training clients hear us say... "It's always better to be pro-active, than reactive". Please read this article on Kennel Cough and educate yourselves on the realities of this issue:

I think it will really help you all understand this issue. Please feel free to respond to this email. I would love to get your feedback.

Eric Smith
K-Nine Solutions Founder & Lead Trainer

AKC Certified CGC Evaluator/Trainer

Would highly recommend for anyone who takes living with/caring for their dog seriously. They worked with my dog for three weeks and I started seeing results pretty quickly. They were great about communicating with me and making sure I understood the strategies they implemented during the training so I could continue to work successfully with my dog at home...
Seth Johnson