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Happy New Year. Now Let’s Get Serious…

By Eric Smith on Dec 01, 2018 in News
Happy New Year. Now Let’s Get Serious-1

Well it’s been quite an awesome year of some amazing work with some amazing dogs and their committed owners…As we roll into 2016 in our new training space “The K Nine Solutions Gym”…..

…we have a ton on our mind…New Group Classes, Seminars, Workshops, Retail…you name it!  But, with all that said, our main focus and thought are still driven by how we train dogs and how to be better at helping people train their dogs.  There are so many different thoughts, schools, ideas and systems out there it can often be overwhelming and believe us, we are overwhelmed at times too, but the key is to ask “what is working?”…and that is where we start this year off.

Happy New Year. Now Let’s Get Serious-2

Here is what works:

  • Accountability
  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Commitment

Maybe not in that order but for the most part…Maybe we call it PPACC. Yes, PPACC “PAC”  Patience, Persistence, Accountability, Commitment and Consistency.  No magic sauce, no secrets, no formulas…hard work, love, care, and honesty in your intentions.  Now of course I could go on an on with the nuance, subtleties and variations of each dog, owner, session etc…but I won’t for now..that comes later.

The truth is that just like any other creative or skillful endeavor we go to school for it…we study, we practice, we work.  And if we do, we get results. Our craft gets better, our product or end result sounds, looks and feels better. Now I am not saying your dog is a product, but if you look at training as a creative endeavor full of passion and love, you better believe your dog is a product of that.  Just like our kids, our friends, our world is a product of what we put in, expect, practice and preach…

So for this year we want to push even harder to continue to create successful relationships with our dogs, ultimately your dogs and with our clients.

Let’s do it…let’s commit…let’s work hard and not give up on them, or us.  Let’s be Patient, Persistent, Accountable, Committed and Consistent…in life..not just with our dogs…in life…since that is what we bring every day…our best selves.

Keep Calm and Be Assertive this year!!!

The K Nine Solutions Team

I used a different trainer before coming to K-Nine to Solutions, BIG mistake. I am so happy I decided to invest in our dog, Luna's happiness and future by using K-Nine Solutions. We have done 1v1 training with Eric and he has so much knowledge about our dog, she is a Malinois. Every one is really nice and knows so much about what it takes to be the best dog owners. K-Nine Solutions are balanced trainers, not "yank and crank", which is very important to me. I think we will be clients for life, I cannot say enough positive things about this place and the people who work here.
Corina Trevino

Important Announcements


By K-Nine Solutions on Mar 27, 2020 in in Important Announcement

Dear K-Nine Clients,

We have closed the training facility to private lessons temporarily due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, we are still open and doing business online and off-site. The changes surrounding this public health situation have come at us all very rapidly and we are doing our best to adapt and overcome the challenges we are all facing. We wish to thank you in advance for your patience with us as we work to re-schedule and switch our business model to one that practices Social Distancing and takes advantage of self-quarantine. So, for the time being, all in-person transfer sessions and 1 on 1 appointments are going to be held via Zoom.

We are going to be offering some new services that should accommodate many of your other needs. See below for details. As always, you are free to call, Instant Message, Text or email us with any questions, for help you may need with your dog. Please keep an eye on your email for updates and details on how to access our services.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration and look forward to being able to continue to serve you.

With much gratitude ~ Eric