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Remember To Breathe

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Remember To Breathe

By Eric Smith on Dec 01, 2018 in Tips & Tricks

This is one of those things that is so simple in life, yet so difficult…

So often we get tense and nervous and we can’t relax (if you know those lyrics then you are of my generation and I applaud you for the obscure reference) but it’s true.  We forget to breathe.  I’ve seen it in so many things throughout life…skiing, working out, interviews, golf…the list is long and of course one of the big ones these days is with our own dogs…we forget to breathe for all sorts of reasons.  Mostly it’s because we are afraid, nervous, anxious and unsure of our own capabilities and I find myself facing someone and simply reminding them to relax and breathe in the moment.  It says so much for the dog and of course it helps us immensely in the moment so we can start to succeed with the task at hand, which often times means going through something that might be scary or difficult.  Being tense and holding our breath only makes it harder.  This goes for all things we do during every day we do them.  We have to remember to relax and know that we can do it.  If we can simply do that many things start to flow.  For example…if I hold my breath, tense up and stop now I am not moving and movement in the moment and in life is critical to our growth and survival.  It’s critical for our relationships and for our dogs.  When we forget to breathe nothing is easy anymore.  Have you ever felt like you were going to stop breathing or run out of air? It’s REALLY scary.  Why would we force our body to do this?  Why not provide all the air and intention within our breath that we can so we can move through life and moments better?  This is one of the most simple things to remember and without fail, the most common thing for all of us to work on.  So…for today…remember to breath and relax and know that you can do it…anything…even if it means just sitting still….

Would highly recommend for anyone who takes living with/caring for their dog seriously. They worked with my dog for three weeks and I started seeing results pretty quickly. They were great about communicating with me and making sure I understood the strategies they implemented during the training so I could continue to work successfully with my dog at home...
Seth Johnson