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Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

By Eric Smith on Dec 01, 2018 in Great Read

It is so clear to me that pets, and in our case, dogs especially, bring so much joy and love to the table from a pure human emotional place.  It’s why many of us have them and for better or worse they really add to our lives and give us layers of feelings, experiences, responsibilities and learning opportunities we never thought we’d have.  So it’s good to actually get some great confirmation that not only for obvious human emotional reasons,   there is actually  great evidence of real benefits in owning a dog that are important to remember.  I stumbled across an article in a magazine called The Market Place and read this article written by Kathy Glow.  I’ll break it into a few small chunks and I think it’s a great read for sure!!!

I think this is a huge breakthrough of understanding and should be utilized for ALL kids!!

“Pets help children deal with ADHD and autism: Children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder can benefit from having a pet because it helps them develop a sense of responsibility and focus. Playing with pets helps kids burn excess energy, and caring for a pet successfully can increase kids’ self-esteem. A recently noted in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing, children with autism often bond strongly with pets and enjoy interacting with them. Autistic children who live with a pet from a young age learn greater social skills. A pet can often provide the companionship and nonjudgmental, unconditional love that such children may struggle to find among their peers. Furthermore, some autistic children’s behavior improved and outbursts decreased after play or therapy with animals, including dogs, cats guinea pigs, and horses. ”

Here’s one that is pretty obvious and really great to remember…

“Pets, particularly dogs, help keep owners physically fit. With all those walks and games of fetch, both humans and canines get a workout! dogs can also provide their owners with opportunities to socialize, meeting other dog lovers on walks and at parks.”

And of course this one is a big one for sure and the last one for today…

“Pets help reduce stress and depression. When we’re stressed, the levels of certain harmful chemicals rise in our bodies. Studies have shown that these levels can actually decrease after just 15 minutes of petting, cuddling, or playing with an animal.”

More to come next week on additional health benefits!!

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