Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem

Train with us and enjoy the freedom of having a dog that ACTUALLY LISTENS!

* We require proof of vaccination for:

Rabies, Bordatella, Distemper, Parvo

Welcome to K-Nine Solutions

Your dog trainers in Santa Barbara, California

We care… We care about your dog. We care about you, and we care about who you are together.

We believe a relationship based on mutual trust and respect is the foundation for all good things with your dog. We use a balanced approach that is fair, has clear intent, and most importantly, is humane.

When you work with us…

you can expect the kind of personalized attention you want, and that your dog needs to accomplish your particular goals together.

We understand that every dog, owner, and situation is different and we take a customizable approach to help each client get to where they need to be.

We always tell our clients “You are not in this alone”. We have your back and we mean it! We offer a level of support and resources that can’t be beaten.

Train with us and let us prove it to you. Or better yet, don’t just take our word for it.  Check out our reviews online and see what others have to say about us.

Train with us and enjoy the freedom of having a dog that ACTUALLY LISTENS!

  • Do you wish your dog would listen to you (even without a treat)?
  • Have you tried training before and your dog still has selective hearing?
  • Are walks less fun than you’d like because your dog is dragging you all over?
  • Having a dog in your family that doesn’t listen can cause a lot of stress and chaos.
  • You’re not alone and it’s not your fault!
  • We completely understand and are here to help.

Imagine being able to go for fun walks and your dog is happily walking next to you…

without pulling, lunging or stopping every two minutes to sniff and mark something. They don’t jump on you or your friends anymore, and when you go out in public you can trust them to behave. No matter where you are and no matter what the situation is.

We’ll help you understand why your dog isn’t listening to you as much as you’d like and teach you everything you need to know to make that change.

We can even do the hardest part for you.

Having major behavioral issues with your dog? We can help with that too!

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An Exceptional Training Experience.

Our motto is “Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem” and we mean it.

Would highly recommend for anyone who takes living with/caring for their dog seriously. They worked with my dog for three weeks and I started seeing results pretty quickly. They were great about communicating with me and making sure I understood the strategies they implemented during the training so I could continue to work successfully with my dog at home…

Great trainers, have worked with them for three years with my dog. Although my dog is very happy go lucky, I have seen them work with all type of dogs from aggressive, shy, abundance of energy, you name it. I’m amazed by the transformation of the dogs once they have worked with the trainers at K-Nine and also how they work with the dog owners. The business has grown since we’ve worked with them and I’m very impressed how Eric and Justin have trained more trainers to work with their clients in a consistent manner.


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